Everything You Need to Know Before Selling a Home

January 27th, 2021 by Administrator

Whether you’ve sold your home before or you’re selling your first home, there are several things you need to take into account before listing your property for sale. There are a lot of sellers who think that selling their home is an easy process and doesn’t take a lot of time and effort. But selling a home isn’t all fun and games; it brings in a lot of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. However, these feelings can be minimized if the proper planning is done and well-crafted decisions are made along the way. Here is a home selling guide that will keep you on your toes before you begin to sell your home.

Welcome buyers

Make your front door visible and accessible to buyers, this includes cleaning debris, decluttering your walkway, mowing your lawns, pruning your hedges, and repainting and arranging certain aspects of your home including your garden and flowering plants to attract attention from the street. Check your screens, doorbells, roofing, and outdoor lighting and ensure it is repainted and fixed. Exteriors if well done can make a good first impression on your clients.

Make it sparkle

Cleanliness is so important, no one wants to enter a home and see a mess. Ensure your home is well taken care of and deep clean it right from the kitchen to the bathroom. Repaint your interiors, clean your rugs, carpets, tiles, and remove any stains or dirt marks. Tidy every room, including cabinets, closets, your garage, and aesthetically arrange the furniture. If cleaning is not your thing, hire a cleaning company and tell them how you want the house to look.

Start your packing

Cramped and cluttered rooms will make clients and buyers think your house is really small. Always pack all your personal belongings and either move them to your new home or store them away in another area where your buyers won’t see them. Stuff like excess furniture, toys, personal decorations, family photos, and other essentials you don’t use daily needs to be put in a storage facility to give you a head start on your move.

Fix the essentials

Small things like repairing or replacing a broken window, outdated hardware, door handles, faucets, towel bars, kitchen cabinets, curtain rods, and other fixtures that are inexpensive yet visible to home buyers need to be done. It improves your home’s functionality and the safety of these components.

Gather all pending documentation and paperwork

Keep all your home paperwork like information about your house, documents, bills, and more safely organized and ready to pass on to the next owner. If you have any information on the person to call for your water, a mechanic, or plumber as well as nearby safety numbers and restaurants in your area, you can add that in as well. This will get the buyers to think you are nice enough to add all this extra information for them to save them the hassle.

The Takeaway

Use this home selling guide to your advantage. Remember, it’s best to get a second opinion and find a real estate agent of your own. Your friends and relatives can advise or recommend you with many names but you need to ensure that your agent is skilled, experienced, and ready to help you through the entire process.