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Woodland Hills is an upscale neighbourhood located on the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains in the San Fernando Valley of northern Los Angeles – a wonderful location to search for homes for sale. Woodland Hills is bordered by Calabasas, Tarzana, and Topanga and is a short hop from the famous beaches of Malibu. It’s lush, green and a great place to hike, bike, enjoy nature and update your wardrobe. Whether your interest is shopping or the outdoors, Woodland Hills has activities and attractions that can provide a fun, entertaining experience. On Ventura Boulevard, there are lively bars and gastropubs with delicious food and live music, making Woodland Hills a unique, vibrant destination in the Valley.

For shopping, join the celebrities and locals who love the Westfield Topanga mall. In fact, don’t be surprised if you run into a reality star or two while you’re riding the merry go round or browsing the nearly 300 shops.

“The Village” in Woodland Hills has a 550,000 square foot Center to more than 80 institutions. Built in 2015, it is a fairly new development with over 18 restaurants, shops, Costco, financial institutions, gas station, and global as well as retail stores in a garden-like setting inspired by the Valleys natural gifts. Curated outdoor experiences include water features, patios, fire pits, communal tables, lighting display, play structure for kids and tree lined path ways. The outdoor entertainment Center has hanging basket chairs, trellises, and canopies. The restaurants have indoor and outdoor patios or balconies. It has health and beauty stores and institutions such as health stores, spa’s, a large gym and yoga studio.

The Westfield Topanga Mall is located next to the Village, built in 1964. It spans 2.1 million square feet with the “Village”.The mall features over 200 stores and has anchored stores like Macy’s , Nordstrom and Target. It features many restaurants like Cheesecake factory, CPK and Islands. You can take a trolley to the Mall from the Village.

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    Woodland Hills is bordered by West Hills, Canoga Park, and Winnetka on the north and by Topanga and Malibu on the South. It has beautiful landscapes and just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. The activities and attractions on Woodland Hills can provide you the ultimate experience of a home destination like none other. It is the most desirable area in Southern California to purchase a home for sale!

    If you are looking to buy a homey atmosphere that treats its residents with love & care, then Woodland Hills should the preferred option. The area is amplified with a local farmer’s market, community garden, meeting spots, playing area, picnic grounds, and other kinds of attractions. 


    Native Americans of the Fernando-Tataviam and Chumash-Venturano tribes inhabited the area for approximately 8,000 years in present-day Woodland Hills. The Portola Expedition in 1769, exploring ‘Alta California’ for Spanish settlements were the first Europeans to enter the Fernando Valley. In 1797, the mission San Fernando Rey de Espana was established and controlled the valley’s land, which included today’s Woodland Hills.

    In 1922, Victor Girard Kleinberger bought 2,886 acres (1.168 ha) of the land from Chandler’s group and found the town of Girard. He developed the infrastructure of the land to attract residents and businesses of the day. Finally, the community of Girard was incorporated into Los Angeles in 1945 and came to be known as Woodland Hills.


    The area faces a strong subtropical Mediterranean climate. Woodland hills experience some of the more extreme temperature changes, season to season. It sees some of the more extreme hot summers and harsh winters, overnight temperatures are among the coldest in the area.

    The precipitation in Woodland Hills is much similar to regions of the west San Fernando Valley, although a higher amount of rainfall is experienced in the surrounding hills.


    The population of the area was counted to be approx. 63,000 in 2008. The median age cap in the 2000 census was 40 and thus, is considered old when compared to other cities. 

    The racial makeup of the area –

    White: 79.90%

    Asian: 6.97%

    Pacific Islander: 0.13%

    African American: 3.34%

    Native American: 0.33%

    Other Races: 4.80%

    The percentage of people is high in the county and in population, it is one of the least dense neighbourhoods in Los Angeles. 47.0% of the population is of 25 years & above and 10.7% of them are veterans. 


    The locally elected advisory body to the city of Los Angeles representing the stakeholders in Woodland Hills in Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighbourhood Council. Los Angeles Police department is operating the region from the newly built Topanga Division station in Canoga Park. The community is served by Los Angeles Fire Department Station 84 and Station 105. 


    Elementary Schools in the Region –

    Calvert Street Elementary School

    Ivy Academia Entrepreneurial Charter School

    Lockhurst Elementary School

    Woodlake Avenue Elementary School

    Woodland Hills Elementary School

    Calabash Street Elementary School

    Middle School in the Region –

    Woodland Hills Charter Academy 

    George Ellery Hale Charter Academy

    High Schools in the Region –

    William Howard Taft High School

    Henry David Thoreau Continuation High School

    El Camino Real High School

    Adult School in the Region –

    West Valley Occupational Center

    Charter Schools in the Region –

    Chime Charter School K-8

    George Ellery Hale Charter Academy 6-8 grade

    Ingenium Charter School – Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

    William Howard Taft High School

    El Camino High School

    Calvert School for Enriched Studies – K-5

    Serrania Charter for Enriched Studies – K-5

    Private Schools in the Region –

    The Alexandria Academy 

    Woodland Hills Private School

    St. Mel 

    St. Bernardine of Siena

    Louisville High School

    Halsey Schools


    It is the home to the Woodland Hills Country Club and a private equity golf club. The Woodland Hills Recreation Center (Shoup Park) is a 19-acre (7.7 ha) park in Woodland Hills. The Warner Center Park, also known as Warner Ranch Park, is located in Woodland Hills. 

    The place has a Woodland Hills Mall and the Warner Center. There is the village having 18 restaurants, shops, and Costco.

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