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In 1922, Winnetka was founded as a small farming community. As per the Census of 2018, there are 4 private schools and 6 public schools in the area. The place also has a recreational Center, two pocket parks, and a city-operated child-care Center.


The Spanish arrived two hundred years ago in the area, conquered and occupied the San Fernando Area. The Spanish mission ruled the way of life from 1769 to 1822. Then the Spanish rule was replaced by the Mexican who ruled the area for the next twenty-four years. The Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce requested Charles Weeks come to the San Fernando Valley to establish a series of one-acre egg farms in 1920. 

Mr. Weeks created the ‘Poultry Colony’ in the Winnetka area of the valley and then developed it into a small farming community named Weeks Poultry Colony. In 1922, Weeks founded Winnetka and it has remained distinct entirely since. Present-day Winnetka is bounded on the North by Tordoff Street and the South by Victory Boulevard. DeSoto Avenue marks the western boundary and Corbin Avenue the eastern.


According to the 2000 U.S. Census, 40,943 residents were counted in the 4.78-square-mile Winnetka neighbourhood, or 9,286 people per square mile, about an average population density for the city. The city estimated that the population has been increased to 54,825 in 2008. The median age for residents was 32 in 2000 and considered average for city & neighbourhood. 

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    The racial makeup of the area –

    Latinos: 40.6%

    Whites: 36.1%

    Asians: 15.5%

    Blacks: 4.3%

    Others: 3.5%

    Mexico: 34.5%

    Philippines: 10.9%

    The median household income in 2008 was $62,435 and it was the average for the city & county. 

    According to the 2010 Census, the population of the area is 49,043 per 4.1 square miles or 11,851 people per square mile. The median age of residents is 37.1 years of age and the household income is $62,748. 


    Winnetka residents aged 25 and older – 21.9%, which is considered an average for city & county. As per the 2010 Census, 76.5% of the population is a high school graduate or higher and 23.7% have a bachelor’s degree. 

    List of Public Schools –

    Limerick Avenue Elementary School, 8530 Limerick Avenue

    Winnetka Avenue Elementary School, 8340 Winnetka Avenue

    John A. Sutter Middle School, 7330 Winnetka Avenue

    Fulbright Avenue Elementary School, 6940 Fulbright Avenue

    James Jordan Middle School, charter, 7911 Winnetka Avenue

    Sunny Brae Avenue Elementary School, 20620 Arminta Street

    List of Private Schools –

    AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School, 6844 Oakdale Avenue

    Green Gables, Elementary School, 19812 Cantlay Street

    St. Joseph the Worker Elementary School, 7136 Winnetka Avenue

    St. Martin-in-the-Fields Parish School, 7136 Winnetka Avenue


    The West Valley Family YMCA 

    Winnetka Child Care Center

    Runnymede Park

    Quimby Park

    Winnetka Recreational Center

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