Tarzana is a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California. It is a low-key suburban neighborhood consisting of various kinds of residential homes, commercial properties, and various kinds of amenities. The area was named in honor of Edgar Rice Burroughs, a former ranch owner and creator of the children’s storybook hero, Tarzan, thus giving the neighborhood its distinctive name. Tarzana is nestled between the towns of Woodland Hills, Reseda, and Encino, and sits just north of Topanga State Park.

Tarzana has a few nice shopping centers with restaurants, gyms, yoga places, Whole Foods, TJ Max, coffee beans and other stores.

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    The area was occupied by Spanish settlers in 1979 who established San Fernando Mission. Subsequently, the area was absorbed by Mexico, and later by Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo following the Mexican-American War was grabbed by the United States in 1848. It then evolved into a series of large cattle ranches under US rule and in the 1870s, large wheat farm operations were started on it.

    The Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company purchased the land in 1909 and then in early 1919, Edgar Rice Burroughs arrived in California with his family. He was popular those days for his Tarzan novels. On March 1, Burroughs purchased Otis’s tact and established the Tarzana Ranch.


    The area measures 8.79 square miles.

    It is bounded by Encino on the east, Woodland Hills on the west, Reseda on the North, and Topanga State Park on the South. The northern edge of the neighborhood is marked by Victory Boulevard, Topanga State Park in the south, Lindley Avenue in the East, and Corbin Avenue in the West.

    Be ready to experience the hot-summer Mediterranean climate in Tarzana. Its inland location ensures a higher degree of diurnal temperature variation than more coastal areas of Los Angeles. Contact Tarzana real estate salesperson to get a suitable home or property in the area.


    The area is among the lowest population densities in the city. There are 4,038 people living per square mile of the area. In 2000, it was counted to be 35,502 people living in Tarzana and in 2008 Los Angeles estimated the neighborhood population to be 37,778.

    The racial makeup of the area –

    White: 70.7%

    Asian: 5%

    African American: 3.6%

    Foreign-born: 35.1%

    Iranian: 10.3%

    Russian: 9.1%


    Wilbur Charter for Enriched Academics

    Nestle Avenue Elementary School

    Tarzana Elementary School

    Gaspar de Portola Middle School, LAUSD

    Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies

    Vanalden Avenue Elementary School

    Private School:

    Lycee International de Los Angeles West Valley Campus

    Zoned High School:

    Birmingham High School

    Reseda High School

    Taft High School

    Post-Secondary Schools:

    Columbia College Hollywood


    The Tarzana Recreation Center is one of the parks in the city with major attractions. It has a capacity of 600 people and the park has barbecue pits, an alighted baseball diamond, a children’s play area, lighted outdoor basketball courts, an indoor gymnasium, picnic tables, and lighted volleyball courts.

    The place has Caballero Canyon – on the north side of the Santa Monica mountains in Tarzana for hiking, mountain biking, and the view of the San Fernando Valley. No permission or fee is needed to hike Caballero Canyon and at the top of the trail hikers & mountain bikers will get the signs leading to the entrance of Topanga State Park.

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