Luxury, Smart Real Estate Trends in Los Angeles

July 28th, 2021 by Administrator
California modern farm house

In today’s Los Angeles real estate market, almost anything you can dream of having in your home is possible. With new features constantly added and several options available at your fingertips, it can be hard to narrow it down to the necessities. Before we discuss the luxury real estate of the Golden State, let’s take a look at the condition of the Los Angeles real market.

Los Angeles Real Estate Market:

Despite the median home price hit a record high in May, year-to-date statewide home sales declined in the state by 2.7% in May 2021. It’s for the first time in 2021 that the median number of days that a single-family home was on the market did not drop, instead held steady at seven, the same as recorded in the previous month.

In Los Angeles County, home prices increased 0.5% to $818,260, which is 39% higher than May 2020.  The median home price in the Los Angeles Metro area remained unchanged from the last month at $725,000, and sales dropped by 5.2%. One area that seems to be rising is the condo and town homes. The Los Angeles condos sales were up by 148.1% from last year. It recorded an increase in the median sales price of 3.9%, up to $592,000.

Let’s talk about the home trending features that should be on your LA luxury real estate wish list. But before you consider these options, it’s ideal to consult your real estate agent.

The Smarthome

In today’s digital age, we can stay connected with anyone, anywhere. You can even now be connected with your home and control it from your smartphone. With this technology, you can control comforts from afar and oversee security systems remotely, helping you keep your home secure regardless of your location.

The Separate Space for Entertainment

This trend is becoming popular in wealthy neighborhoods like Los Angeles. Homeowners want to delineate a separate space in their homes for entertainment. If you purchase a property with more land, you can take this trend to the next level by building stand-alone houses dedicated to entertaining.

The entertainment houses typically include media rooms, home theaters, indoor pools, full-sized kitchens, and even personalized indoor sports courts.

Hi-Tech Bathroom Fittings

For a long time, the master bathroom is known as a place to retreat after a hectic day. But now, you can make the space much more luxurious with new technologies. For instance, with a press of a button, you can warm up harsh cold floors with radiant heat, turn clear glass shower opaques when someone steps in, warm the towels on cue, and transform the mirror into an LCD television.

Updated Kitchen

Today, you can find kitchens equipped with many latest gadgets and hi-tech appliances. Many people convert their kitchen into a smart one, which sends alerts when you leave an appliance on and hidden backsplashes that rise from the countertop and serve as storage.

These are just a few newly-added features in homes. If you are looking for a luxury property in Los Angeles, make sure to contact a reputable and reliable real estate agent.