Reasons You Need to Work with an Experienced Real-Estate Agent in California

April 1st, 2021 by Administrator

Purchasing a home can be an exciting as well as a daunting task. The local economy and your financials to the housing market will affect what real-estate you buy and how much it costs. For many buyers, particularly those who have never owned property before, house-price is not the only roadblock that stands in their way.

Because of the COVID-19, the California housing market has been in a short lull. However, it is recovering faster than expected. Trends show that the California real estate market remains very competitive. Properties are sold quickly with a minimal price reduction. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, the rent prices are down slightly from February. On the other hand, rent prices have increased in San Diego, San Jose, and Anaheim. This is encouraging buyers to purchase the property.

January home sales declined 4.9% from 509,750 in December 2020. However, the number is still up 22.5% from Jan 2020. The prices of single-family detached homes have decreased by 2.5%. The total single-family home sales were 462,720 in Feb, down 4.5% from January 2021 but up 9.7% from Feb 2020.

Why Property in California so Costly?

The cost of buying has been slowly increasing, and homes are now again getting pricier. Some of them are more expensive than the pre-corona period. There are a variety of factors for California’s high home prices.

It is not easy to find an ideal property, especially in California and during such a period. Thus, choosing the right real estate agent is an essential step in the home buying process.

Working with a real estate agent in California:

Your realtor will be your ally during the home buying process. Apart from finding and showing you properties, they may also make recommendations for other services like lawyers, lenders, and escrow companies. And once you find the right house, your real estate agent will make sure you get an excellent deal.

Take the time to research different agents who know the area where you want to buy the house. Pay attention to real estate agents’:

  • Years of Experience
  • Transactions in the past few years
  • Overall review scores
  • Experience in your price range and preferred neighborhood
  • Past client’s reviews

The agent should have knowledge about the area you’re looking at (trends in property value, any planned development, school system, medical facilities, entertainment value) to check if they have the knowledge and experience to guide you to an informed decision.

How to Tell if the Real Estate Agent is Right Fit for you?

  1. Knows the Local Real Estate Market

A reputable real estate agent will know the specific housing market and pricing strategy to help you find your desired home. The agent will also know more about the community you’re interested in and can help in your house search.

  • Attention to Detail

The realtor will pay attention to all your details, and this will set them apart from others. They will make sure that your demands are heard and fulfilled.

  • Staying Up-to-Date

An experienced realtor will stay updated with the latest real estate and the local housing market trends.

Overall, working with a real estate agent can help take the stress of your shoulder. Once you’ve chosen your agent, you can start working together in your home search.