The Ultimate Guide for Home buyers in Encino (What You Must Know)

February 10th, 2021 by Administrator
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Located in the heart of Los Angeles County and the lap of southern San Fernando Valley, Encino is a beautiful city with affordable living and a family-friendly neighborhood. But getting this much-generalized view about a place where you are going to buy a home is not enough. While a reputable real estate agent will surely give you insights about a place before getting you to sign a deal, it proves to be very useful and helpful to gather basic knowledge about a city.

So, to help you decide whether you should buy a home in Encino or not, today, we will discuss what it looks like to move and live in Encino.

What It Looks Like to Live in Encino

Encino imparts a small-town feel where you can find amenities within walking distance – a major factor for which most homebuyers are willing to pay more. The average lot is usually bigger than other areas of Encino and therefore, you may find certain blocks quiet and rural, especially above Burbank Blvd.

You will find great restaurants where you feel at home and that offer excellent quality food. When it comes to buying groceries, you can go to Ralph’s, Gelson’s Market, or Super Sal Market down the boulevard. The best part is you can find even Israeli and Kosher foods there.

People who love to take a stroll in the morning or evening will love Encino because the city is anchored by various areas of lush parkland, including Los Encinos State Historic Park sprawling over 5 acres of land, the Sepulveda Dam, and Sepulveda gardens. Dog owners will enjoy the off-leash Sepulveda Basin Dog Park. For sports lovers, there is a sports complex with a baseball field and various golf courses.

The primary area where people most often go shopping and dining is on Ventura Blvd. flanked by White Oak and Balboa – an area called the Encino Commons and dubbed The Valley’s Miracle Mile that is home to a high number of businesses.

People who want to get a real taste of Encino must mark the date – October 10, 2021. On that day, the Encino Chamber of Commerce will host its annual event called A Taste of Encino. This mega event will make you familiar with the best that the Encino community has to offer – right from local restaurants to home improvement ideas. This mega event is celebrated on the second Sunday of October every year.

Besides, if you like Middle Eastern Fare, you can visit Sadaf and check out Scratch – a hotspot among locals where they go to taste unique dishes and the best sourdough bread in the area.

What You Must Know about Encino before Moving

Encino is not a crowded place and also not diverse ethnically. Apartments in Encino are not for people who love haggling. The average rent is around $1,787 (that varies with time and other factors), and the cost of living is higher than that of Los Angeles’s average rate. It is all because of expensive rent and not because of groceries and restaurants.

Most people get around by car; however, many commuters take Orange Line that cuts across Encino to go to Warner Center, North Hollywood, and beyond. To your relief, there are several shuttles just for seniors to get from point A to point B.

Most schools in Encino are private or charter, and there is no public high school within its boundaries. The Encino’s economy primarily relies on the healthcare sector. You will also find plenty of jobs in the professional service sector, such as accounting, real estate, and legal though. Since the neighborhood is home to more than 3,800 businesses, finding a suitable job won’t seem too difficult.

If Encino resonates with what you can afford and will enjoy living in, then it’s time to find a real estate agent and get the listing of houses for sale in Encino.