What Kinds of Homes can You Buy in LA?

May 4th, 2021 by Administrator
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In Los Angeles, prices of real estate properties are rising with each passing day, but it isn’t the only concern in the way of buyers who want to settle in the state. There are also questions about finding the right property in your budget and what kind of home will be best for your entire family. In addition to the price of a house, you also need to consider maintenance and taxes in your checklist before deciding on the right kind of home to buy in LA.

Los Angeles is famous for its single-family homes, but there are other options available for people who don’t have the budget to get a single-family property. Like in any other state in the USA, housing types are more diverse than you think. Here’re the types of homes you can buy in LA as per your specific requirements and family needs:

Single-family Homes

As we mentioned earlier, single-family residences are the most popular housing types in LA. They are the classic American style of living with your family for complete comfort and privacy. Single-family homes are constructed on their own lands and gave all the features and amenities you can dream of in your home. You can have your own parking lot, private swimming pool, lawns, and fences.


These are apartments that you can purchase instead of a lease to permanently settle with your family in LA. These are individually owned residential units in a condominium building structure divided into several units and surrounded by common areas that are jointly owned by all the condo owners. Each owner often pays association fees to maintain the shared resources and amenities as part of a common-interest program.

Duplex and triplex units

If you are planning to purchase a home for the extended family at a low budget or want to rent out a portion to help pay the home loan, duplex and triplex units are a good option for you. These types of properties have more than one self-contained unit like a studio apartment with their own bathroom and kitchen.


Townhomes give you the feeling of single-family homes, but they are more like condos with attached neighboring units. Residents pay monthly dues for the shared ownership of the land on which townhomes are developed. 

Small lot homes

Small lot homes are unique to LA. They are more like single-family homes but also give the feeling of townhomes. Residents don’t have to pay homeowners dues for the ownership of the land but have to pay a maintenance fee to the homeowner’s association to upkeep the community areas.

These are the top five housing options in LA that you can purchase as per your family requirements. A professional real estate agent in Los Angeles can help you find a perfect home in your budget through a fast and hassle-free process.